NYC Sublease Space Available – 200 Park Avenue

The MetLife Building at 200 Park Avenue has 13,535 square feet of its 51st floor available for sublease through July 2020.

This installation features exposures south and west, 11 windowed offices, 2 interior offices, 2 conference rooms, and a boardroom. Furniture can be made available.

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NYC Sublease Space Available – 777 Third Avenue

777 Third Avenue has 3,129 square feet of its 19th floor available for sublease through September 2016.

The newly built space has 4 offices, 1 conference room, open trading area, reception, and a full pantry. Furniture, including trading desks, can be made available.

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NYC Sublease Space Available – 540 Madison Avenue

540 Madison Avenue has 2,324 square feet of its 16th floor available for sublease through June 2022.

The space is a “plug and play” opportunity, with furniture and phones that can be made available.

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NYC Sublease Space Available – 280 Park Avenue

A 30,108 square foot space on the 4th floor of 280 Park Avenue is available for a new tenant.

The space, being sublet by Mount Kellet Capital Management, is a new and fully furnished installation with a recent comprehensive redevelopment of the lobby and entire building.

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NYC Sublease Space Available – 70 East 55th Street

Heron Tower, at 70 East 55th Street in New York’s Plaza District, has its entire 19th floor available for sublease.

The 5,834 square foot space is being sublet by CAI Managers and comes fully furnished and built with 8 offices and 2 conference rooms.

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NYC Sublease Space Available – 1 Rockefeller Plaza

1 Rockefeller Plaza has 5,630 square feet of its 24th floor available for sublease through September 2019.

The space is built with 9 offices, 1 large conference room, and 1 small conference room. Furniture and phones can be made available.

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NYC Sublease Space Available – 660 Madison Avenue

660 Madison Avenue, located in New York City’s Plaza District, has 10,683 square feet of its 12th floor available for sublease through July 2023.

The installation features Central Park views, a large usable terrace, 13 glass front offices, a 12 person conference room, and open area. Furniture and phones can also be made available at this space.

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NYC Space Available for Sublease – 499 Park Avenue

In New York’s prestigious Plaza District, 5,958 square feet of 499 Park Avenue‘s 25th floor are available for sublease.

The sublease, available from Perceptive Advisors, is a fully-furnished and move-in ready space built with 9 offices and 2 conference rooms. Furniture and phones can also be made available for the new tenant.

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NYC Sublease Spaces Available – 375 Park Avenue

The Seagram Building at 375 Park Avenue has two available spaces for sublet.

The entire 32nd floor is a 8,214 square foot space available for sublease from Arden Asset Management, and offers 4 conference rooms, 2 breakout rooms, an open layout, custom furniture, an executive boardroom, and stone and mill work throughout.

The 15th floor has 4,157 square feet available for sublease from SR Capital and includes 5 offices and a conference room.

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Entire 32nd Floor - 8,214 SF

Entire 32nd Floor – 8,214 SF

Partial 15th Floor - 4,157 SF

Partial 15th Floor – 4,157 SF

NYC Sublease Space Available – 590 Madison Avenue

The IBM Building, located at 590 Madison Avenue, has a 3,052 square foot sublease opportunity on its 36th floor.

The space is available for sublease from American Energy Partners through July 2017 and includes 5 offices, a conference room, a small open area, and views of Central Park. Phones and furniture can also be made available at this space.

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